What is machine screw

DIN 7985 pan head screw
din 7985 pan head screw Standard : DIN 7985 Material: stainless steel 304 head type

machine screw

machine screw

What is machine screw

Machine screw is also called mechanical screw or bolt. According to different types of head and drive, people usually classify machine screw into many different types.Different types of screw have different function, but the common function is to fasten and set one obejct to another. 

According to the head types, people classfied them in to following:

Round headPan headCountersunk head (flat head)Half oval headEtc. 

Accroding to the drive types, people classfied them in to following:

SlotedPhillips ( Cross )Hexagon socketPhillips/Slot CombinationTroxEtc.The Phillips ( cross ) drive type screw contact area is wide than sloted drive, it is more easy to screw in object and less broken the drive. so it is mroe widely usded than the others drive types. Hexagon socket screw and trox drive type screw can be applied with large tightening torque, strong connection strength, and the head can be buried in the object; they are commonly used for the joints requiring compact structure and smooth shape. 

Accroding to the standards, people classfied them in to following:

DIN 912DIN 7991
Hexagon socket cap screwHexagon socket countersunk head screw
DIN 7985DIN 965
Phillips (cross) pan head screwPhillips (cross) countersunk head screw
DIN 85DIN 963
Slotted pan head screwSlotted countersunk head screw


bolt Material:

Material     List
Stainless Steel
ChinaEuropeanAmericanPropety Class
(Low Nickle Stainless steel)
304A2 (1.4303)AISI 304A2-70
306A4 (1.4401)AISI 201A4-70
Carbon Steel and Alloy steel
ChinaEuropeanAmericanPropety Class
Q235A(A3)C35E(CK35)AISI 10154.8
35#37Cr4AISI 10358.8
40Cr41Cr4AISI 514010.9
35CrMo34CrMo4AISI 413512.9
ChinaEuropeanAmericanPropety Class
H62CuZn40ASTM C28000
Important Notice:
1, All of the above material code is  only for reference, the final product material shoud be confrimed by communicate with ASUDA sales
2, If Chinese material standard is different from buyer’s standard please refer to Chinese standard or supplier’s standard

Property class ( grade ) :

4.8 grade, this grade is most applied, and the material usuall is carbon steel.

8.8 10.9 12.9 grade, these grade are applied for some object need hight strengh request oppelication

A2-70 grade is for Stainless steel 304 material

A4-80 grade is for Stainless steel 316 materail


Surface finish

Our screws are widely used on lock, plastic toys , electrict equitment and others place

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