The function of 8 different washers

The function of 8 different washers

The function of 8 different washers

Washer is a small part used between the connecting piece and the nut. Generally speaking, the flat metal ring is the main one, regardless of the smaller one, to protect the surface of the connecting piece from scratches by the nut, and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connecting piece depends on it.Copper skin asbestos gasketCopper-skin asbestos gasket has the characteristics of high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, and it is used for engine cylinder gaskets. Before using the copper-skin asbestos gasket, clean the dirt or sand on the clean joint surface first. Note that the copper-skin flanged side should face the cylinder head side to prevent anti-leakage during installation. Keep it intact and flexible enough

Paper washerThere are two uses for it. One is to increase the sealing performance to prevent oil leakage; the other is to adjust the gap between the components. The axial clearance between the crankshaft and the crankshaft is also achieved by adjusting the paper pad between the side cover of the flywheel end and the body. If the paper pad is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent oil leakage.

Flat WashersIts function is to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut on the pressure part through the flat washer, and at the same time protect the surface of the bolt thread and the connecting body. Generally thin metal shells are fixed with metal flat gaskets.

Aluminum flat washerThe aluminum flat gasket has a certain degree of toughness, and it can be used for the joints of diesel and engine oil pipelines. Before installation, check whether there are dents or cracks on the plane. Otherwise, air will be sucked into the leaking pipe, which will not only cause a waste of oil, but also cause burning of bushes and axles due to insufficient oil supply.

Copper flat washerCopper flat washer are generally made of red copper, which are mostly used in places with high pressure, such as gaskets for fuel injection nozzles.

Spring washerSpring washers are used for bolt connection to prevent bolts and nuts from loosening due to shocks. Especially the bolts that are not easy to see and are not easy to operate should use spring washers.

Asbestos washerAsbestos mat has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the parts using it are high-temperature parts, such as between the exhaust pipe and the cylinder head, the role of asbestos mat is irreplaceable.

Rubber gasketWhen using rubber gaskets, it should be noted that oil-resistant rubber gaskets can replace non-oil-resistant rubber gaskets, and non-oil-resistant rubber gaskets cannot be used in place of oil-resistant rubber gaskets. If it is found to be hardened and lose its elasticity, it should be replaced in time to avoid wear of the parts.