Swiss invented invisible screws, creating a new realm of furniture assembly

Not only are traditional screws sometimes difficult to install and remove, but exposure to furniture can also affect aesthetics.

Now, with this invisible screw, everything will be perfect.

It is called Invis MX2 and was developed and designed by Swiss company Lamello.

It’s used to assemble furniture, and you can’t see any screws on the outside.

It’s very convenient to use.
For example, to assemble a table,

First, attach a longer screw to the leg of the table.

Then, fasten the nut to the table.

Finally, insert a special controller into an electric drill and roll over the surface of the table leg.
It is worth mentioning that the installation is fast and takes only 5 seconds to complete.

Isn’t that amazing?And its working principle is very simple actually, it is to use the principle of magnetic homopolar repulsion and heteropolar phase absorption.

 The screws that are hidden inside are magnetic, while the controller on the outside is basically a plastic box with a magnet. The drill bit rotates the magnet to drive the hidden screw. In this way, you can install or disassemble at will.

Also, the connection is very strong, with a combined force of about 250 kg.

In addition, it can be used not only for general assembly furniture but also for connecting irregular structures, such as curved stair rails.

Still can use in the furniture work of a few distinctive design, perfect explanation stylist idea

However, the price of this screw is not cheap. The retail price on Amazon is $565, including 20 screws and controllers.