The different between Self tapping screw and Self Drill screw

A lot of people may confusing about the different between self taping screw and self drill.I believe after you read this article, you will definitely can define what is self taping screw and what is self drill screw. and what’s thiers function and where to applicate them.

Self-tapping screws are not a single screw, but a general term for many screws with self-tapping functions. There are many types of screws. Their characteristics and applications are different. The following is a brief description of two screws that are easy to confuse. Self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws.What is a self-tapping screw?Self-tapping screw is a kind of threaded fastener that self-tapping and drilling the matched female thread in the reserved hole in the object. Self-tapping screws do not require female-threaded nuts, and they drilled female threads on the material while screwing in. Self-tapping screws, such as triangular teeth self-tapping screws, high and low pressure self-tapping screws, etc. are all self-tapping screws.What is a self-drilling screw?The self-drilling screw is a kind of wood screw, and its front end has a self-tapping drill bit. Just because it has a self-drilling bit, we call it a self-drilling screwIn fact, the two different screws are still closely related. “Self-drilling screws” must be “self-tapping and self-drilling screws”, or “self-drilling screws” for short.The self-tapping screws are not necessarily self-drilling screws. Generally speaking, self-tapping screws are self-tapping screws that require prefabricated holes.

The common of self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws:

Both type of the screws’ body has threads and can be self-tapping.

1. The difference in appearance: Self-tapping screws are normally with a cone point(type C) or flat point(type F), and the threads are more thick,harder, with a certain degree of taper, so that they can be “self-tapping”, but they cannot be drilled.Self tapping screw

flat head self tapping screw
flat head self tapping screw
pan head self tapping screw
pan head self tapping screw

Self drill screws are with a drill point, the threads are more can drill directly, tapping and locking on the setting material and basic materialself drill screw

self drill screw

2,The difference in use: self-tapping screws are used on non-metallic products, such as connecting to plastic products (many plastic toys use self-tapping screws for connection), wood, and wall surfaces (a hole needs to be drilled with an electric drill to cooperate with plastic expansion) , Etc., it can “tap, squeeze, press” the corresponding thread on the fixed material by its own thread, so that it can closely match each other.

The self-drilling screws are mainly used to fix other materials on hard objects such as steel structures. It is mainly used to drill holes in hard objects through the ability of self-drilling on the head itself, and then use the threads on the body to fix the two objects Tightly connected together

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